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Title Genre DNA Score Play
Hater Blockers Hip Hop / R&B 92% 1194
MOSH PIT Rock 78% 275
Caught Up Hip Hop / R&B 67% 121
Caught UP Hip Hop / R&B N/A 46
Wus on ya Mind Hip Hop / R&B N/A 92
Caught Up radio Hip Hop / R&B N/A 87
Angels Cry Hip Hop / R&B N/A 74
Hater Blockers Radio Hip Hop / R&B N/A 60
Intro Kamikaze CMI Hip Hop / R&B N/A 57
The Result Hot 100 N/A 53
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Kamikaze CMI

I don’t like speaking in third person point of view so everything will be as if I said it.
I’m a producer and an artist, which one I’m the best at remains to be seen. I’m currently touring the country with Shannon, a old school, 80’s free style artist who sings&rsquo......