Picture Kajmir Royale
Title Genre DNA Score Play
None of That Hip Hop / R&B 87% 1808
Facebook Status Hot 100 79% 1091
Put it Down Hip Hop / R&B N/A 888
Lyrically I Hip Hop / R&B N/A 513
I'm Gonna Be Bad Pop N/A 479
Beautiful Confusion Hot 100 N/A 421
Change Gonna Come Hip Hop / R&B N/A 403
Supernova Car Hip Hop / R&B N/A 373
Perfecto Hot 100 N/A 320
Mellow Ride Pop N/A 309
10 Tracks 1


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Kajmir Royale

Kajmir Royale is an American producer known for creating a new style of music called "hip pop" influenced by multiple genres of music. Born in New Jersey, and the son of a Navy dentist Kajmir traveled across the United States and across the world from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Paris, Africa, Dubai, Bahra......