Picture JaNiah
Title Genre DNA Score Play
I Don't Want U feat Chazz Hot 100 95% 1221
Lets Go feat DJ LSA Hot 100 N/A 276
I Don't Want U feat Chazz Hot 100 N/A 242
What I Do To You Hot 100 N/A 169
DBS Intro feat. Zen Hot 100 N/A 145
Death By Sexy feat Chazz Hot 100 N/A 102
Gave Your Love Away Hot 100 N/A 101
U Think U Know Hot 100 N/A 84
The Ride feat. Rain E Day Hot 100 N/A 62
Just Want To Love U Hot 100 N/A 60
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A classic beauty with an edgy international swagger not only defines Ja’Niah’s persona and background but also the grittiness and intensity of her lyrics and music. Born on the west coast, Ja’Niah’s interest in music started at a young age and with varied musical styles. As h......