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What would I do Hip Hop / R&B N/A 87
Relapse session Hip Hop / R&B N/A 25
My Life (Mafia Music) Hip Hop / R&B N/A 24
Milf thang Hip Hop / R&B N/A 20
Stressed Hip Hop / R&B N/A 13
Better days Hip Hop / R&B N/A 12
6 Tracks 1


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Chipf the prince

I am a 20yr old rapper from Africa, Zambia is the country who is based in Toronto Canada.
I have been rapping since I got out of my moma's womb no actually since I was 12.
I appreciate good hiphop and rap and I love the mix of r&b and hiphop in music.
I am currently unsigned.
Some peopl......