Picture Badboss
Title Genre DNA Score Play
Ima bag her digits Hip Hop / R&B 92% 248
Ima Star [mastered] Hot 100 82% 4336
We in the Club [mastered] Hot 100 78% 69
She's A Hotbody Hot 100 72% 75
Just dance Remix Pop N/A 106
Shake shake move Pop N/A 54
We in the Club [mastered] Pop N/A 52
Ima bag her digits Hip Hop / R&B N/A 41
8 Tracks 1


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Badboss is so far out from your traditional rap artist, its awesome! The boundaries he manages to break are incredible. Whether hes tackling racist Youtubers or posting confession vlogs about his foot fetish, Badboss makes for an interesting candidate in the rap world. Badboss became really interest......