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Title Genre DNA Score Play
Mind on my money Hip Hop / R&B N/A 156
Never gone stop Hip Hop / R&B N/A 45
Be ready Ft Fedaro Hip Hop / R&B N/A 43
Hey World Hip Hop / R&B N/A 27
Ready 2 go Pop N/A 24
Tell the dj Hip Hop / R&B N/A 19
VIP Hip Hop / R&B N/A 16
7 Tracks 1


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Akiese, born and raised in Cleveland Ohio, has been accustomed to the music scene since the early age of 14. Going solo early 2001 under the name Phoenix, Akiese quickly began gaining experience needed in order to be successful in the Ohio market. While in Ohio, Akiese chose to take a different appr......