Picture Ian Bouras
Title Genre DNA Score Play
When TheNight Gets Longer Pop N/A 177
Between LoveAndLoneliness Pop N/A 148
The Cliffs Pop N/A 30
On The Corner With Doubt Pop N/A 22
Without A Sense Of Duty Pop N/A 22
Everything You've Always Pop N/A 21
Regarding Volution Pop N/A 15
The Call Pop N/A 13
Buttercup Pop N/A 12
Latte Pop N/A 10
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Ian Bouras

Ian Charles Bouras is a guitarist and producer from New York City.

He is one of the main songwriters, and the guitar player for NYC rock/reggae band AñaVañA.

AñaVañA’s self-titled debut record (2004) showcases his songwriting, guitar playing and produc......