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Marcus Khiry

BizakaHarmony (Marc Toomer) was born September 27 and raised in Buffalo, NY by his hard working mother. He was raised with his two sisters, one brother and approximately thirteen half siblings. He attended local public schools and later graduated from Buffalo Alternative High School. By 17 Biz Harmony knew that he wanted to express himself through music.

At 18 he grabbed the attention of a local producer, but parted ways after only 1 year.

Everything seemed to remain dormant until a few years later with the birth of his first daughter .

Then in December 2004 he was in a severely bad car accident that after neck surgery left him disabled and out of work, therefore Biz decided to go back to school in 2009. He attended QTTI Welding School and graduated with honors.

By October 2009 he was starting to feel rejuvenated and opened a Myspace account to promote his music. Only three months later he recorded his first song “You Make Me Feel” which was written in one week. At the same time Biz purchased the exclusive rights to his music, then just a short time later Kidd Kold produced two songs “Drinks On Me” in 2010 and “She Get It From Her Mama” in June 2011.

His next song “Baby Making Music” & “Lick Ya Body” (2010) was produced by Blais.

Later he discovered his rapping abilities on “I Wouldn’t Change.”2010 (Produced by Blais) In July 2011 Biz Harmony wrote “Where Dem Hot Gurls”, “How I Feel” and currently “Move Dat Body” Today he is working harder then ever at maintaining his lifelong dream of singing and rapping . As Biz once said:

“Set a goal for yourself and give your talent a gift by seeing where it will take you.”