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Cool talented guy with a unique style never heard anywhere but here.
Check me out!

Mloz Fire started music in 2005 to be seriously involved in 2006. Took a break for 2.5 years to focus on his EDUCATION, meanwhile collarated with other artists and polished his recording&production skills to established MLTrecords. http://mltrecords.googlepages.com

In 2009,he reconnected with his music with the unreleased STUDIO album titled "INSPIRATION" produced by MLTrecords.

The same year, he earned his COLLEGE degree and is ready to spread his wings wide. Be a successful MUSICIAN is the plan.

With less resources and limited network the only thing MLOZ has is his AMBITION,DETERMINATION,TALENTS and SKILLS.

MLOZ is pronounced M LOZ

Follow one of the INTERESTING and DOPE African Musician there is on YOUTUBE(channel:MLTrecords, http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=mltrecords%2Cmloz&oq=mltrecords%2Cmloz&gs_l=youtube.3...32919.37565.0.37789.


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