Within the hip-hop community and abroad, Hustleman serves as a voice of strength for a generation. An architect for social change, as well as an innate ability to both influence and inspire, Hustleman is one of today's most gifted leaders in both the political and entertainment arenas. Hustleman started working on the Hustleman Show a year ago, by him having relationships with a variety of different entertainers, this would give him a broader audience.The Hustleman Show addresses issues of relevant to young people in urban America. From sex,aids,relationships,the judicial system, and racism, it provides a fresh venue for engaging youth in current affairs and news issues in a way not seen since BET's highly successful and groundbreaking forum "Teen Summit." Hustleman recently joined the NAACP and will serve as a faithful urban youth marter.
As a voice for social change, Hustleman is passionate about his work. "The time is now," he asserts. "The youth of today are the leaders of TODAY. If we fail to sow the seeds of education and real leadership into our young people today, we will be forced to reap the weeds of our ignorance verses the flowers of our love tomorrow."