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“How have you not been picked up yet?” The immediate question everyone first ask after coming into contact, and hearing the new tandem that is steadily on the rise as independent artist on the East coast. Residing in Virginia, but claiming DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) The Duo known as H.O.L. (High Off Life), formally known as F.L.Y. (From Like Yesterday) has never been able to be put into one certain category of music. Audiences and critics alike spotted it from the moment composer, producer and engineers, Nap Nap & Scottie Nova, broke onto the music scene in there late teens: they’re artist with a captivating sound evolving out of a broad and ecstatic blend of influences, from Timbaland, Cash Money, and Black Eyed Peas, to becoming imaginably there own creative sound. Winning Music Festivals, and being invited to showcases, H.O.L. has traveled up and down the East coast performing, even making it out to the West coast in L.A. and Palmdale, also in Arizona.

One of group’s most dominating qualities is there musical diversity. Not
limited to one genre, they’re incredibly versatile entertainers who can
seamlessly move between all styles of music, from power pop, the fist pumping, booty shaking club music, to the ability to play hip-hop, head banging, weed smoking while you drive music, steaming out as far as getting with a live band to play some of there rock-pop songs. This versatility comes as no surprise since H.O.L.’s roots typically cross several different genres, putting there music almost in its own category. Shows being sold out, music blasting through speakers and the charisma and energy the tandem brings, brought audiences to their feet in every city, and on-site vendors being barely able keep up with the CD sales following the concerts.

Naps grew up in North Carolina as a child. But spent most of his childhood in Boston, skating his days away trying to master the craft of the board, and stay out of trouble. The rush of skating alone as the years progressed, wasnt giving him the same high he once achieved as a boy. Once he became a teen, he found a new love for music. As he discovered the different genres, and deep lyrical content, he wanted to take it one more step further. Naps started producing and writing his own songs and before he knew it, was packing up and moving again, this time to Virginia. Here he got into a little bit more trouble taking advantage of the fact his mother was never home, on the account of her being sick in the hospital often with Sickle Cell.

Scottie NoVa was born over seas and raised as a child bouncing around city to city with his military family in Georgia, only to finally crash land in Virginia. He was a sports fanatic as child up until highschool, where his love for music was transformed into a passion. At this time he started writing and tinkering with prodcution. He built a studio to try and turn his dream-land passion into realitiy.

The two first crossed paths at 16 while recording at a mutual friends. They recorded a few tracks together and thought nothing of it. Three years later, maybe by fate met once again when Nappys cousin came to Nova's studio to record. The three at first went in on several projects, but Nappys cousin left to pursue football in college. The two became a tandem, staying up all hours of the night to find that "right" sound the pair as they produced, engineered, and composed all of there music. Every penny the two were able to muster up by earning, borrowing, or sometimes stealing went right back into there music, putting bills and debts asiade. Whether it was buying new gear to keep the studio up to date, or getting new tattoos and clothes for shows.

-Casted as extras in "Road Trip 2 BeerPong" they were able to get there music submitted to the movie (Our song “BeerPong”).

-They met with Interscope, but were turned down once they found out the music was promoting underage drinking, the two being under the leagal drinking age at the time.

-In a showcase sponsered by Budwiser, attepmting to win the grand prize of opening up for the "Rock The Bells Tour", they placed 2nd because there music wasn't considered "Hip-Hop"

-A meeting with Sony later went south when terms on the contract couldnt be agreed upon.

Currently the group has been promoting the release of a mix tape that dropped at the end of April, titled “F.O.T.B.” (Fresh off the Blunt), but it gave fans and listeners another side. This CD being only half of there own production focused more into hip hop, borderline Rap. It also offers a few skits to help the flow of the CD along with a few freestyles. To help promote this, the two have been doing shows and participating in local music festivals. With upwards of one hundred songs and close to a hundred more being half finished, making the music is not so much the problem with this team. Trusting people, and following them down roads only to be lead astray seems to be a barrier they hit often. Mislead at times, and misleading themselves at others, they struggled the up's and downs of music and got a whiff of what they had both always wanted, a chance at making music for the world to hear. Today the two continue to tour up and down both East and West coast of the U.S. and hope to tour over seas soon. They are currently in the studio working on there next project, awaiting there time to shine.
Aside from there very active performing schedule, the group does a lot of Charity work and Community Service making sure to give back to the community who helped raise them in there adolescent years. Whether it’s doing a benefit concert for relief victims, or raising money for caner/sickle cell patients (Both of there mothers affected by this), to coaching youth league sports, and just getting down and dirty with trash pickup.

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